Ciak, raise your glasses!

Elegant attire, crystal chalices and a harvest-home festival: almost a film and in fact “Cabochon” is a short “noir” reportage compiled to celebrate Luca Rabotti’s 45 years’ ownership of Monte Rossa and 30 for Cabochon.
It gained a place of honour in the international showcase Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018.

Stars of the Cinema

As Emanuele Rabotti said: “The cinema, just like wine, is research, it is art transmitting culture and emotions. For years we have watched, sometimes suffered, the cinema of ‘others’, losing sight of our own identity made up of history, landscapes, architecture and styles of life. The new Italian Renaissance has to start by valorising our culture based on beauty, creativity, and all things good.”

Film extras were recruited in perfect Monte Rossa style with a social campaign titled #CabochonCasting which for a couple of weeks puzzled and involved winery fans via Facebook and Instagram.

The director’s “Ciak…action!” punctuated the days of filming, done entirely at Monte Rossa: the gardens, the 15th-century villa and the famous steps became a magical film set.

Men and women in evening dress during the magical harvest-home venue are the background for a “noir” plot masterly performed by Antonella Attili, Lucia Rossi, Daniele Antonini and Emanuele Rabotti, in an astounding cameo.