The history of Monte Rossa

A long-established winery in Franciacorta where rural traditions merge harmonically with technology and where craftsmanship and a passionate search for excellence are carried out with never-daunting commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.

It was in 1972 that businessman Paolo Rabotti, with the precious support of his wife Paola, undertook the task of wine-growing. An inspired far-seeing choice continued with enthusiasm and innovative spirit by their son Emanuele.


The history of Monte Rossa is starred by strategically winning decisions such as being first to abandon still wines to search for excellence in Franciacorta, or the determination to invest in technology, or again the continuous research and experimentation distinguishing this winery.

The vineyards

Today the Monte Rossa Company manages 70 hectars of vineyards. The different locations of cru on plots with different exposition contribute to increase the aromatic richness of grapes in such a way to make up very rich cuvée under the frame and complexity aspect. The Company production is 500.000 bottles approx. per year.