Refinement, intensity, elegance

The Cabochon Universe

Ever since the 13th century the name Franciacorta has been used to identify a small area of morainic hills lying south of Lake Iseo in the province of Brescia.
The wine produced here has always enjoyed a certain fame and in 1570 the first written evidence appears of wine with “bubbles”, a product defined by Conforto (a Brescian physician) as “very mordacious”, meaning vivacious and foamy.
Nowadays Franciacorta means not only the area (south-east of Lake Iseo), but also the Wine (the noble Italian DOCG «bubbles») and the Method (re-fermentation in the bottle and minimum ageing of 25 months from the harvest).


infinite passion and on-going research

A star is born

Conceived in 1987 thanks to the intuition of Emanuele Rabotti, untiring communicator bringing to the winery and vineyards in Franciacorta the intriguing novelties experienced whilst touring the world.
Cabochon immediately became a key label for the company and today shines of its own light as befits a major star.

Refinement, intensity, elegance and an everlasting perlage: this is Cabochon, the most prestigious Franciacorta produced by Monte Rossa.

Cabochon, well-structured, rich and intense, is a gem embedded in the famous land of Franciacorta. A land waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, in a crystal chalice.

1987. A brilliant year

With a name recalling the preciousness of gems, an original label engraved in silver by goldsmith Gianmaria Buccellati and a history that speaks of time and excellence, Cabochon stands for more than just wine.

A philosophy of life, an experience of taste, a quest for perfection, studded by extraordinary events. One above all, the meeting in 1992 with another, dazzling, star: Frank Sinatra.