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Cabochon Fuoriserie 022


Cabochon Fuoriserie N°023

Wine of golden yellow colour with fine and persistent perlage. Its aroma is distinct with hints of blond tobacco, mint, eucalyptus, almond, praline, lime-flower tea.
Balanced taste, good structure with tones of honey, excellent balance between acidity and structure, recalling citrus fruits and grapefruit in particular

Cabochon Fuoriserie 022
Cabochon Fuoriserie 022

Passion and research

Cabochon is the most prestigious Franciacorta produced by Monte Rossa. Fruit of research started in 1985 in order to make a more careful selection of the crus on the Monte Rossa slopes and a new vinification system that introduced barriques for the first fermentation of the must. Results were such that the wine obtained became a leading company label.

Close your eyes ...

My first love,
wine that had me fall in love with wine,
the elegance of its label,
its brilliant colour, those extraordinary, extra-long,
never-ending chains of bubbles.

Alessandro Scorsone – Maitre e Sommelier